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Wave Identification 101 by Demonicle


Now as we all know that certain cars come with certain treasure hunts. But how do we really know what other cars come together in that wave?

Here's a simple tutorial for u guys.

On the top left corner on the back of the cards you will notice some numbers. This is started in late 2008, so older cards may not have it. Up till now, these numbers would have had no meaning to you guys. If you asked me what every single digit in the number means, i will say 'I have no idea!'..

These numbers are stamped for every card that comes in a specific wave. Meaning, each different wave will have its own unique numbering stamped on the back of the card. Not to be confused with every single case. It's every wave. For those with a number of the same cars, you can take a look. They all have the same digits!

I will present you guys with 2 examples to make things clearer. The examples are up on the message boards! So get yourselves registered there!

Hope this helps!

Sharing is Caring,


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Cawan Super Haul


Cawan score on 19/3 in Hulu Kelang area, this is the biggest hit I seen so far.

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Photo Gallery: Civic Maniac!


I didn't know there are so many Civic casting and varients. Thanks member Addrick for the sharing.

See the rest of the collection after the jump.

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Hot Wheels Error Collection


Hot Wheels Error refers to either mistake done to car or card. There are collectors actually collecting errors, think of it, it is quite amazing it able to slip through few layer of QCs reach to your hand.

Some collectors said, probability to score a error Hot Wheels is harder than Super Treasure Hunt. I do agree in this, see the compilation of the error Hot Wheels by the HWCM members.

Error Wheels

No Tampo

Error Card (Wrong Car)

Wrong Side

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Custom Dodge Van by Eight


Very neat customization by member Eight, the designer for the HWCM logo. The Vans are waiting for the design, possibly decal paper?

One more picture after the jump.

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Custom made Ferrari Garage by Rikmun


Diorama made by member Rikmun from Ipoh Perak. More pictures after the jump.

See more customization by HWCM members in the discussion board.

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Photo Gallery: VW Fast Back


By Moderator++\Pydrummers under topic "Pydrummers feature cars"

One more photo after the jump.

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Photo Gallery: Shelby GT500 by Kurz


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Photo Gallery: Mini Collection from .::Ones's Garage::.


Ones, the collector from Alor Star shown us his Mini Cooper collection in the HWCM Garage. Although he claimed his collection is small, but the Minis his has seen comprehensive to many of us.

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