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Wave Identification 101 by Demonicle


Now as we all know that certain cars come with certain treasure hunts. But how do we really know what other cars come together in that wave?

Here's a simple tutorial for u guys.

On the top left corner on the back of the cards you will notice some numbers. This is started in late 2008, so older cards may not have it. Up till now, these numbers would have had no meaning to you guys. If you asked me what every single digit in the number means, i will say 'I have no idea!'..

These numbers are stamped for every card that comes in a specific wave. Meaning, each different wave will have its own unique numbering stamped on the back of the card. Not to be confused with every single case. It's every wave. For those with a number of the same cars, you can take a look. They all have the same digits!

I will present you guys with 2 examples to make things clearer. The examples are up on the message boards! So get yourselves registered there!

Hope this helps!

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