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More Pics from the Swap Meet!


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Swap-Meet session at Central Park One Utama (30th May 2009)


We just had our very first swap meet session in conjunction with the K-Zone 4th Birthday Bash!

The day was full of excitement as kids and adults alike crowded around the Hot Wheels booth to swap cars with us!

We also had another booth set up behind us filled with track sets for kids to play with!

We had more than 150 cars laid out on the tables and all of them were up for grabs! All you had to do was to give us one of your Hot Wheels for one of our Hot Wheels.

As the day progressed we started seeing more children swapping their cars than adults. It was great to see that these kids really knew their cars.

Among the request from the kids were :
-is there any t-hunt?
-do u have any skyline?

and my personal favorite.
-do u have any toyota AE86?

many of these kids walked away with thunts and other cool models such as skylines, mitsubishi lancers and aston martin v8 vantages! there was a surprisingly high demand for blimps and planes too.

The objective of the swap meet was to educate young collectors as well as their parents about collecting hot wheels. Some parents came from far with their kids jus for this swap meet! they wud bring along a huge bag of Hot Wheels with them. The was one boy who brought 2 hot boxes filled with Hot Wheels!

It was a fun experience and i wish to see more of these events happening in the near future. I believe that most of our collectors here in HWCM have children and will enjoy more of these type of events where their kids get to be involved in the 'art of collecting'.

Thanks for your support guys!

here are the pics from the event!

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