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Color Shifters - '77 Dodge Van


Hot Wheels introduced something new to us lately, Colour Shifter, car changes in colour when you dip in water.

I would say this need some technology in order to make it works, it "shift" colour in react to changes in climate.

Under room temperature.

From Freezer
Colour changed to bright blue colour, although it looked unreal.

Colour slowly change back to white when the body heated. Isn't it Interesting?

Colour Shifters are selling at RM16.90 at most retail stores, there are many models available, but many collectors are looking for the Evo X.

It actually in plastic body and metal base, it is same size with the rest of the Hot Wheels basic cars. ☺YeoCP//

Thanks for HWCM Moderator\Sinclair for the pictures.

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Photo Gallery: Aquarium "Showcase"


Why would you want to have fish or turtles in your aquarium when you can have CARS!

Celebrated my nephews 1st birthday
I was instructed to decorate the house with colourful toddler toys (eg, winnie the pooh type toys)
I didnt have any....
All i had was my hotwheels and few action figures
And there was no way i was goin to display my cars out in the open for little kids to touch
so i emptied out the aquarium and did this

Posted by HWCM\tunnelrat

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New Stocks Arrived


Yes, yes, yes, after waited for weeks. Detailed reports, please refer to "Found At Retail"

Thanks to Moderator++\Elgee for the efforts.

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Work In Progress


The Exclusive HWCM Giveaway cars is in the progress to get it out to selected members who have confirmed their registration.

Elgee, the custom king is doing painting at the moment. He received 84 pieces from Rayz in bare metal form.

Custom stand was built to hold 21 cars for him to spray all at one go.

Bettle Cup with 1st coating enjoying the sun tan.

White colour apply to the cars, 84 cars will take awhile to complete.

White colour Bettle, designed by rayz and demonicle. That all for the update at the moment. Story to be continued...

Thanks to Elgee for the updates.

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Photo Gallery: 72 duster by hwcustomizer


Pictures from new member HWCustomizer, nice work with added hood and front spoiler and changed wheels.

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Photo Gallery: 2003 FE HKS Altezza


Pictures Contributed by Moderator++ Hokuan.

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Photo Gallery: Mitsubishi Eclipse Concept by Sinclair


Taken from HWCM Garage\TunerZ Club. Pictures contributed by Moderator Sinclair.

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Photo Gallery: HWCM TunerZ Club by Rikmun


Picture selection from HWCM Garage, nice TunerZ cars with minor customization by member Rikmun.

More pictures after the jump.

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HWCM Gathering 23rd January 2009


Location: McD Drive Thru SS15
Time: 9.30 P.M.
Reported by: Elgee

- sinclair
- elgee
- arrt
- yiheng85
- retrocruise
- boneshaker
- demonicle

This week's gathering seen a much less number of people since CNY is around the corner. Nevertheless, there were still a few of us who made it to exchange stories and HWs. The star of this week's gathering is obviously the VW New Beetle Cup.

The New Beetle Cup, has been chosen to be the first club car for HWCM. The support from members has been very positive and it is proven today as well. Cheers to you guys who have sent in your Beetle Cup!

Demonicle has made it clear in the gathering that he is trying to give out as many club cars to as many members as possible. So let's keep the contributions (and workload for Rayz & I) coming in!

Sinclair brought some Ferrari 333SP from this year's Ferrari Racers Series that he purchased to share amongst the members present. The first wave has hit our shores since last month but mysteriously this car no.5 has been missing. There is still one unit left for trade I think, go ask him about it.

Also, the usual greens made an appearance in the gathering, what is a HWs gathering without those greens?

See you guys next week, as sinclair said there is always something you can get.

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Larger Hot Wheels 2009 Poster


If you find the earlier poster too small for your reference, here is the larger version available for download (5.6 MB).

Changes from the previous poster:
1. High Quality, 4MP.
2. Clearer Text description.
3. Removed Mystery Cars.
4. Added Manufacturers logos and disclaimer at bottom.

In case doesn't work, use this link instead. ☺YeoCP//

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Photo Gallery: Nasty accident happened today on the HW Highway


A nasty accident happened on the HW highway today. Some people are just driving by, oblivious to the situation.

It is really really serious.

Who could have survived this???

Motorcycle has been removed, but damage has been done.

The car is totalled, but what worse for the passengers??

The force of the impact was very great!

The Police can't do much.

Mr. Tow Truck is on hand to help.

Off to the garage with what's left of that Chevy.

This simple diorama was created last night at our McD gathering.

HWC Malaysia would like to advise all members to drive safely on the road.

Credits :
demonicle - for cars, materials and special effects
retrocruise, Rayz-HWC and sinclair - photos and input on diorama

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