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Latest TRU Promo


You've heard it and seen it here first! Yes, another Hot Wheels Promo with an even more attractive prize!

The good news is that TRUs around the country are all expected to restock. And sources say they HAVE! Not to worry about what waves they restocked though, it's definitely not Qombee waves.

I would very much like to get my hands on one of those display cases as it will be a very limited item in the future. From what I gather it's TRU exclusive! Meaning you will NOT be able to get it anywhere else..

Another important thing to note is that it comes with 30 cars from the 2009 line up.
The case is made out of real wood and perspecs. It can be mounted on your wall and the rear reflective panel slides up to allow you to place your cars inside.

This promo runs for 2 months, so let's see who can grab that case by that time!

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7Eleven Promotion


7Eleven promotion is back! With close to 2000 outlets in Malaysia, collectors will be having fun hunting all over the country!

Hot wheels basic cars are priced at RM4.90 and the 3 pack is priced at RM16.90.
The cars that come in this promo are simply awesome. It's all 2009 waves.
Here are some of the cars found :

Reventon (FE)
Lancer Evolution (FTE)
Skyline (Dream Garage)
Type 181 Volkswagen (FE)
Dairy Delivery (Modified Rides)
Camaro (Muscle Mania)
Honda Civis Si (Modified Rides)

and many more.

So rush to your nearest 7Eleven and see what they have hanging on the racks for you! And if you want more, rush to the next 7Eleven across the street!

Good Luck!

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Jusco Contest


There's still about a week left for you to get your cars from JUSCO!
Although the target market for the contest is chilren, there is no doubt that even adult collectors will be gunning for some of those 2009 basic cars!

It's a great initiative by mattel to get their stocks moving faster. There are more promos like this to come! I believe that your cries for better stock movement and more waves have been heard.

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Custom Hot Wheels Greased Lightning


Member danielh has done it again! This time creating an awesome custom from a beat-up Greased Lightning to something close to Malaysia's A1 team racing car. The car also comes with matching tampos and worn out tires.

For more details on this custom car, please register and join the HWC Malaysia message boards.

Click on the title to see more pictures.

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