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Weekly - Friday 10:00PM SS15 McD drive through. Location Map


HWCM 4th Race Day - 18th December


Ok guys it's confirmed!

We are going to conduct HWCM's 4th Raceday on 18th December 2009. The theme shall be Street Race - it will be an open road race towards the end of the track. if your car gets knocked off the track, then you are out!

Date : 18th December 2009
Theme : Street Race
Mechanism : Three Sessions of KNOCK-OUT style Tournament with the winner of each race moving on to the next round. Participants must use HW cars according to the selected themes below:

1st Race - Ferrari (Street Race)
2nd Race - HW Original designs (Street Race)
3rd Race - Japanese Imports! (Street Race)

Prizes will be given to 1st, 2nd and 3rd places for each session

If you haven't got any of those series, get hunting now!

Prizes are again sponsored by Mattel Malaysia. This time Mattel will also be providing some trick tracks for the children to play with while the race is on!

Additionally - The 8TV Quickie crew may be covering the event. I do not know who will be the host yet but i so hope that it will be Belinda!

For more information, please logon to HWCM Message Boards.