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Color Shifters - '77 Dodge Van


Hot Wheels introduced something new to us lately, Colour Shifter, car changes in colour when you dip in water.

I would say this need some technology in order to make it works, it "shift" colour in react to changes in climate.

Under room temperature.

From Freezer
Colour changed to bright blue colour, although it looked unreal.

Colour slowly change back to white when the body heated. Isn't it Interesting?

Colour Shifters are selling at RM16.90 at most retail stores, there are many models available, but many collectors are looking for the Evo X.

It actually in plastic body and metal base, it is same size with the rest of the Hot Wheels basic cars. ☺YeoCP//

Thanks for HWCM Moderator\Sinclair for the pictures.