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Weekly - Friday 10:00PM SS15 McD drive through. Location Map


1st HWCM Gathering 16th January 2009


Last Friday, first HWCM gathering was on, and this was what welcomed the collectors when they arrived. (Credits to Mutt,moderator of HWCM for bringing them in, literally!)

There were also Greens going around (which members will gather without it), trades, some older cars, lots of chit chat, coke, fries and i even got to show them my custom Evo X and VII. All in all, good gathering.

Sinclair said, Yep those DD's are great. Special for 1st gathering. I already opened for pics.

Those who could not make it, please try to come for the next gathering. There is always something nice to pick up.

Pictures and story by member Elgee and Moderator Sinclair.