Upcoming Event:

Weekly - Friday 10:00PM SS15 McD drive through. Location Map


HWCM Logo Contest


Please be proud as the person who came out the design the Hot Wheels Collectors Malaysia Logo.

The logo will representing the community, it will be used for the main site, discussion board, events and souvenirs.

If you are chosen, we will send you exclusive prize as our appreciation. So, let's do it now!!

Here is the terms and conditions:
1. Only open to HWCM members from Malaysia.
2. Contest end date, 31/1/2009.
3. Picture size not smaller than 800x600, please supply the raw file (PSD) if you are selected.
4. Logo in Black and White background like example below.
5. The community will own the copyrights on the logo for all usage later.
6. Submission method, please refer to the discussion Thread.