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Weekly - Friday 10:00PM SS15 McD drive through. Location Map


Hot Wheels Race World Challenge


Get, Set, Go!
Mattel is kicking off the excitement for 2010 Hot Wheels basic car with the Hot Wheels Race World Challenge, it will concide with the F1 events to be held ALL OVER THE WORLD!

The launch of the Hot Wheels Race World Challenge will take place Mar 18th @ 2PM onwards at TRU KLCC:
Venue : TRU KLCC (concourse)
Date : 18th March (Thursday)
Time : 2.30pm - 5.30pm

This will be the 1st leg of the 16 races (20 foot long 4 lane race track!!!) and the rest will coincide with the F1 calendar.
Quick overview of what happens at each race:
- Each race will be 9 days long, and little boys (or girls) are required to purchase 2 HWBC to participate
- The one who emerges with the shortest race time over the 9 days will be the winner.
- The winner from each leg will then be invited to the grand finale (mid Nov) to race against 16 others
Very attractive prizes await the Top 3 winners!

So guys, if any of you haven't got anything to do or happen to be around that area at that time, do drop by and show your support

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Custom Hot Wheels DeLorean


A superb custom done by Rikmun, one of HWCM's members. The recently released 2010 Hot Wheels Premiere DeLorean has been given the 'Back to the Future' look by him, and it just looks awesome.

For more details on this custom, please register and join the HWC Malaysia message boards. Meanwhile, enjoy the pictures!

Click on the title for more pictures.

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