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Photo Gallery: Nasty accident happened today on the HW Highway


A nasty accident happened on the HW highway today. Some people are just driving by, oblivious to the situation.

It is really really serious.

Who could have survived this???

Motorcycle has been removed, but damage has been done.

The car is totalled, but what worse for the passengers??

The force of the impact was very great!

The Police can't do much.

Mr. Tow Truck is on hand to help.

Off to the garage with what's left of that Chevy.

This simple diorama was created last night at our McD gathering.

HWC Malaysia would like to advise all members to drive safely on the road.

Credits :
demonicle - for cars, materials and special effects
retrocruise, Rayz-HWC and sinclair - photos and input on diorama