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Latest TRU Promo


You've heard it and seen it here first! Yes, another Hot Wheels Promo with an even more attractive prize!

The good news is that TRUs around the country are all expected to restock. And sources say they HAVE! Not to worry about what waves they restocked though, it's definitely not Qombee waves.

I would very much like to get my hands on one of those display cases as it will be a very limited item in the future. From what I gather it's TRU exclusive! Meaning you will NOT be able to get it anywhere else..

Another important thing to note is that it comes with 30 cars from the 2009 line up.
The case is made out of real wood and perspecs. It can be mounted on your wall and the rear reflective panel slides up to allow you to place your cars inside.

This promo runs for 2 months, so let's see who can grab that case by that time!