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Photo Gallery : Custom Evolution X


Custom Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X done by HWCM member JHC7598, which includes the Royal Malaysian Police's new Police Highway Eagle Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X.

More pictures after the jump.

The customization of the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X is quite remarkable. You can compare to photos of the actual car below.

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Photo Gallery : 24/Seven


24/Seven Collection from Committee member Sinclair. More pictures after the jump.

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Photo Gallery: More Civics


Civic Collection from Committe Member\Impavido, see carefully, the middle Civic has no Wind Screen, its an error.

1 More picture after the jump.

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Shell Ferrari & Hot Wheels Ferrari


Posted by member Rikmun under HWCM Ferrari Club (HWCMFC), more pictures after the jump.

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Winner for Exclusive H0 Car Giveaway


Congrates to Garage45 won the prize, please collect from Demonicle on the next gathering.

Read the original post here.

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Contest: Hot Wheels Giant Colouring Contest


Click to enlarge

Mattel SEA having a colouring contest together with Giant. Contestants below 12 years old are encourage to participate.

1st Prize: Hot Wheels toys and Racing Scooter worth RM1,200
2nd Prize: Hot Wheels toys and Racing Scooter worth RM700
3rd Prize: Hot Wheels toys worth RM400
50 x consolation Prizes: Hot Wheels toys worth RM120

Photocopy or printed form are acceptable for this contest, entry need to attach with original Hot Wheels resit from Giant as proof of purchase.

All entries will be submitted to Mattel SEA office for final decision,

Mattel Southeast Asia Pte. Ltd. (Malaysia)
Lot 13.5, 13th Floor, Menara Lien Hoe, Persiaran Tropicana Golf Resort,
47410 Petaling Jaya.

Contest end 31st May 2009

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Photo Gallery: Sinclair's Civic Collection


Posted my Committe member Sinclair filed under HWCM Garage. More pictures after the jump.

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Photo Gallery: Custom Evolution X


Custom Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X done by member Jun08. More customization works can be found at Custom Corner.

1 More Picture after the jump. YeoCP//

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Exclusive H0 Car Giveaway



Contest closed, thanks for for your participation. There will be hard time for me to pick the best entry, do spare some time for me.



We are giving away one of this H0 car to HWCM member, please read below how to win this for free.

Members will need to write post(s) in blog about excitement of Hot Wheels Collecting. You need to include a backlink to www.hwcmalaysia.com and inform me in email cpyeo(at)hwcmalaysia(dot)com to complete the entry.

Duration: 22/3 to 5/4/2009 (2 Weeks)
Selection Criteria: Creativity (70%), Hit Rate to HWCMalaysia.com (30%)

Best entry will walk away one of this H0 car FOC.

1. Hokuan
2. Wilson Lim
3. prabha krisnan
4. Shukri
5. Cawan
6. Rikmun
7. Garage45
8. Phoenix
9. Philip

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Model cars take centrestage


DON’T be surprised if someone asks for your receipt at the petrol station the next time you pump petrol.

Chances are the person is after the Shell Ferrari limited edition model cars and that is what Hot Wheels Cars Malaysia (HWCM) Club co-founder Desmond Raja Lakshmana, 22, paid his brother to do — wait at petrol stations to pounce on customers for receipts.

This sometimes spurs other customers, who may initially have no interest in collecting model cars, to keep the receipts and buy the cars themselves after seeing the hype.

This frenzy is due to Shell’s annual Shell Ferrari limited edition model cars, in conjunction with the upcoming Ferrari F1 fever for the third time.

Proud owners: Model car owners admiring their collection at their weekly meeting at the SS15 McDonald’s.

Customers are able to buy the cars for RM6.90 when they purchase a minimum of RM40 worth of Shell V-Power Racing or at RM8.90 for other regular petrol.

At a recent interview at their weekly meeting at a fast-food restaurant in SS15, HWCM members revealed their enthusiasm for model cars and the length they went to obtain the limited edition Ferrari model cars.

Telco engineer Shakz Faizal, 29, was the proud owner of three sets (one set has seven pieces, hence 21 pieces in total) of the Shell Ferrari collection the day it was launched.

“There’s a sense of satisfaction. I had the help of my friend who owns a bus company to fill three buses worth of petrol,” he said, adding that his aim is to collect five sets.

The members meet there every Friday at 10pm to exchange the latest news about model cars and trade collections.

While the club was only founded by Desmond and Yeo Chin Pang, 31, on Jan 11 this year, Hot Wheels fans have long existed and formed small groups to share their passion.

“Previously, the members were scattered, with websites linking them to each other. The HWCM brings everyone together and strengthens the hot wheels community in Malaysia.

“For some, the Shell Ferrari collection is a stepping stone (that introduces them to the world of model cars),” said Desmond, an apprentice with Mercedes Benz.

The club now has over 160 members, who come from diverse backgrounds, occupation,

race, age (10 to 56-years-old) and even has an international network of members,

from as far away as America.

The youngest member Joshua Lim, 10, nicknamed “The Encyclopedia” has an impressive collection of over 900 car models.

“I can remember the models once I see it on the poster. I can also remember the range of colours that a design has,” said Lim who gets his information from books and magazines. According to Jo Huang, the senior accounts manager of Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide, which handles the Shell account, Malaysia is the first country in the world to see the 2009 Shell Ferrari car models.

This is because of the massive sales in Malaysia and the HWCM members are one of Shell Ferrari model cars most avid group of supporters.

“Members not only collect a single set of the Shell Ferrari cars but multiple sets for future value and trading,” she said.

The members also voiced out their suggestions for functions they’d like to see in future Shell Ferrari collections such as die cast (metal), lights and doors that can be opened.

To know more about the club, log on to www.hwcmalaysia.com, which is updated three to five times a week.

Taken from StarMetro Friday 3 April 2009, Thanks to Jo Huang, ING YEEN and HWCM Members .

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Photo Gallery: Prabha's Garage


Quite a impressive collection he have by Member prabha71, more pictures are available after the jump. YeoCP//

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