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Custom ’77 Dodge Van


At a quick glance of this card, you would probably make the assumption that it was the new card format for the year 2009 line-up.

However, closer inspection actually reveals that it is a year 2008 First Editions car for the Custom ’77 Dodge Van and the fourth color released in the year for this model.

The first three colors released during the year 2008 were yellow, grey and the most recent brown. All three have the same side flame decals with the words ‘Hot Wheels’ and FTE rims.

This fourth color of purple pink also has the same side flame decals but now installed with 5SP rims.

It also has the same windscreen and roof tint (black/brown color) as the third brown color, whereas the yellow has orange tint and the grey one has red tint.

Unfortunately, this fourth color has not been released in Malaysia yet and was obtained from overseas. We do hope that Mattel will release it in the near future for local collectors.

Overall, the First Editions of the Custom ’77 Dodge Van are worth collecting, as the design is very pleasing and there is much potential for this model in the future to be customized further.

Pictures and story by HWCM Committe, Sinclair.