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Happy Chinese NewYear 2009


HWCMalaysia Committe members wish you a Happy, Healthy, Prosperity and Fruitful of Hot Wheels Collections in 2009.

Gong Xi Fa Cai!!

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Photo Gallery: Ferrari Club by Sinclair


Some nice photo contributed by the member, Sinclair. More photos are available in the discussion board. ☺YeoCP//

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Photo Gallery: Ferrari 550 Maranello by SanLino


Great photo for Ferrari 550 Maranello on action. Picture from HWCM member SanLino.


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Field Report: Ferrari Racer for RM9.88


The latest Ferarri Racer series is selling at RM9.88 or RM9.90 after rounded-up until 1st Feb. Normal price for the series is RM14.90 after new price tag, most models still available in reasonable quantity.

Those have missed the 7-11 promotion, now is your second chance with cheaper price. ☺YeoCP//

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Photo Gallery: How you store your Hot Wheels?


Have you wonder how collectors keep their precious collections? Some examples taken by HWCM members.

Member, Impavido

Member, arttt_anime

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Custom HWCM Cars Giveaway


Remember to confirm your member registration form before 31st January 2009.

We have only limited units of HWCM custom Hot Wheels to giveaway for the early confirmed members, please do it before too late!!!

Do look forward to our incoming activities!

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Photo Gallery: Ferrari Enzo Gang by Loose-Wheel


These Enzos almost completed for its casting, if not mistaken, there is no Ferrari Racer series in state. Thanks to Loose-Wheel from US.

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HWCM Message Board Statistics


Statistics until Today 12:00PM, please click to view the graphs.

Top Posters
Demon, I beat you; Sinclair, I'm coming!!

Most Active Topics

Besides Hot Wheels topics, Tomica is the 1st runner up.

Most View Topics

Members are interested in new comers, follow-by Ferrari Club. We have more Ferrari Collectors here, that including me :).


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Custom ’77 Dodge Van


At a quick glance of this card, you would probably make the assumption that it was the new card format for the year 2009 line-up.

However, closer inspection actually reveals that it is a year 2008 First Editions car for the Custom ’77 Dodge Van and the fourth color released in the year for this model.

The first three colors released during the year 2008 were yellow, grey and the most recent brown. All three have the same side flame decals with the words ‘Hot Wheels’ and FTE rims.

This fourth color of purple pink also has the same side flame decals but now installed with 5SP rims.

It also has the same windscreen and roof tint (black/brown color) as the third brown color, whereas the yellow has orange tint and the grey one has red tint.

Unfortunately, this fourth color has not been released in Malaysia yet and was obtained from overseas. We do hope that Mattel will release it in the near future for local collectors.

Overall, the First Editions of the Custom ’77 Dodge Van are worth collecting, as the design is very pleasing and there is much potential for this model in the future to be customized further.

Pictures and story by HWCM Committe, Sinclair.

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1st HWCM Gathering 16th January 2009


Last Friday, first HWCM gathering was on, and this was what welcomed the collectors when they arrived. (Credits to Mutt,moderator of HWCM for bringing them in, literally!)

There were also Greens going around (which members will gather without it), trades, some older cars, lots of chit chat, coke, fries and i even got to show them my custom Evo X and VII. All in all, good gathering.

Sinclair said, Yep those DD's are great. Special for 1st gathering. I already opened for pics.

Those who could not make it, please try to come for the next gathering. There is always something nice to pick up.

Pictures and story by member Elgee and Moderator Sinclair.

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Field Report: Citibank e-statement January promotion


Hot Wheels Volkswagen and Muscle car series.
RM20.93 each not including shipping ( shipping around RM4 per car if ship to KL)

Only for Citibank Card Members. Read Here.

Here is their contact details

Address :
CLSonline - Customer Service
30 Jalan Sepadu 25/133,
Axis Premier Industrial Park, Section 25,
40400 Shah Alam
Hotline : 6(03) 2773 0999
Fax : 6(03) 2780 6188
Email : customerservice@clsonline.com.my
Operation Hours : Monday – Friday 9am to 6pm
Saturday 9am to 1pm

Field Report made by HWCM member, Ah_Beng.

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Photo Gallery: Ferrari Racer FXX by Kurz


Ferrari Racer FXX loaded on Matchbox Matchbox Hiway Hauler. Pictures contributed by member Kurz.

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Photo Gallery: Enzo Ferrari by Sinclair


The Enzo from 2003 First Edition, it look similar to 2007 T-hunt but it has a Hot Wheels badge at the back.

Thanks to member Sinclair for the nice photos taken. More photos after the jump.

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Hot Wheels 2009 Line-up (Added Poster)


The line consists of 42 New Models, 12 Treasure Hunts, 12 Track Stars, 24 Mystery Cars, and 10 Segment Series of 10 cars each. The Segment Series in 2009 are Hot Wheels Racing, Muscle Mania, HW Special Features, HW Designs, HW City Works, Heat Fleet, Faster Than Ever, Rebel Rides, Dream Garage, and Modified Rides.

Toy# Col.# Model Name Series Series #
First Edition/New Models
N4004 001 2009 Nissan GT-R New Models 01/42
N4005 002 Circle Tracker New Models 02/42
N4006 003 Corvette C6 New Models 03/42
N4007 004 Brit Speed New Models 04/42
N4008 005 Ferrari 250 GTO New Models 05/42
N4009 006 5 Alarm New Models 06/42
N4010 007 '70 Buick GSX New Models 07/42
N4011 008 '69 Mercury Cougar Eliminator New Models 08/42
N4012 009 OCC Splitback New Models 09/42
N4013 010 Bye Focal II New Models 10/42
N4014 011 2009 Ford F-150 New Models 11/42
N4015 012 Mad Mill New Models 12/42
N4016 013 '71 Dodge Demon New Models 13/42
N4017 014 Fast Gassin New Models 14/42
N4018 015 Custom '53 Cadillac New Models 15/42
N4019 016 AMC Javelin AMX New Models 16/42
N4020 017 Volkswagen Type 181 New Models 17/42
N4021 018 Avant Garde New Models 18/42
N4022 019 '70 Chevelle SS Wagon New Models 19/42
N4023 020 Dune It Up New Models 20/42
N4024 021 Lamborghini Reventon New Models 21/42
N4025 022 Tri & Stop Me New Models 22/42
N4026 023 Custom V-8 Vega New Models 23/42
N4027 024 La Fasta New Models 24/42
N4028 025 Custom '41 Willys Coupe New Models 25/42
N4029 026 '10 Camaro SS New Models 26/42
N4030 027 Custom '42 Jeep CJ-2A New Models 27/42
N4031 028 Barbaric New Models 28/42
N4032 029 '70 Plymouth AAR Cuda New Models 29/42
N4033 030 F1 Racer New Models 30/42
N4034 031 '66 Ford 427 Fairlane New Models 31/42
N4035 032 Tread Air New Models 32/42
N4036 033 Triumph TR6 New Models 33/42
N4037 034 Fast FeLion New Models 34/42
N4038 035 Four-1 New Models 35/42
N4039 036 Gearonimo New Models 36/42
N4040 037 Datsun Bluebird 510 New Models 37/42
N4041 038 Ferrari California New Models 38/42
N4042 039 Ford GT New Models 39/42
N4043 040 Draggin' Tail New Models 40/42
N4044 041 2010 Ford Mustang GT New Models 41/42
N4045 042 Pedal de Metal New Models 42/42

Treasure Hunts
P2351 043 '65 Mustang Treasure Hunts 1/12
P2352 044 '57 Plymouth Fury Treasure Hunts 2/12
P2353 045 Bad Bagger Treasure Hunts 3/12
P2354 046 Fire-Eater Treasure Hunts 4/12
P2355 047 '37 Ford Woodie Treasure Hunts 5/12
P2356 048 '34 Ford Treasure Hunts 6/12
P2357 049 Custom '53 Chevy Treasure Hunts 7/12
P2358 050 Bone Shaker Treasure Hunts 8/12
P2359 051 '49 Merc Treasure Hunts 9/12
P2360 052 '55 Chevy Treasure Hunts 10/12
P2361 053 GMC Motorhome Treasure Hunts 11/12
P2362 054 Neet Streeter Treasure Hunts 12/12

Track Stars
P2375 055 RocketFire Track Stars 1/12
P2376 056 Solar Reflex Track Stars 2/12
P2377 057 Ultra Rage Track Stars 3/12
P2378 058 Buzz Bomb Track Stars 4/12
P2379 059 Dodge XP-07 Track Stars 5/12
P2380 060 Nerve Hammer Track Stars 6/12
P2381 061 Chrysler 300C Hemi Track Stars 7/12
P2382 062 '69 Chevelle (X-Raycers) Track Stars 8/12
P2383 063 Synkro Track Stars 9/12
P2384 064 Covelight Track Stars 10/12
P2385 065 RD-10 Track Stars 11/12
P2386 066 Reverb Track Stars 12/12

Segment Series / Team
Hot Wheels Racing
P2387 067 GM Chevroletor Hot Wheels Racing 1/10
P2388 068 Acura NSX Hot Wheels Racing 2/10
P2389 069 GP-2009 Hot Wheels Racing 3/10
P2390 070 Panoz GTR-1 Hot Wheels Racing 4/10
P2391 071 Corvette C6R Hot Wheels Racing 5/10
P2392 072 Pro Stock Firebird Hot Wheels Racing 6/10
P2393 073 Cabbin' Fever Hot Wheels Racing 7/10
P2394 074 Pass'n Gasser Hot Wheels Racing 8/10
P2395 075 GT Racer Hot Wheels Racing 9/10
P2396 076 Amazoom Hot Wheels Racing 10/10

Muscle Mania
P2397 077 '69 Camaro Muscle Mania 1/10
P2398 078 '67 Shelby GT-500 Muscle Mania 2/10
P2399 079 '70 Plymouth Road Runner Muscle Mania 3/10
P2400 080 '71 Plymouth GTX Muscle Mania 4/10
P2401 081 '69 Dodge Charger Muscle Mania 5/10
P2402 082 Olds 442 Muscle Mania 6/10
P2403 083 '69 Dodge Coronet Super Bee Muscle Mania 7/10
P2404 084 '69 Chevelle SS 396 Muscle Mania 8/10
P2405 085 '65 Mustang Fastback Muscle Mania 9/10
P2406 086 '08 Dodge Challenger SRT8 Muscle Mania 10/10

HW Special Features
P2407 087 Dodge Ram 1500 HW Special Features 1/10
P2408 088 Spector HW Special Features 2/10
P2409 089 Jet Threat 4.0 HW Special Features 3/10
P2410 090 Split Decision HW Special Features 4/10
P2411 091 Cloak and Dagger HW Special Features 5/10
P2412 092 Ground FX HW Special Features 6/10
P2413 093 Night Burner HW Special Features 7/10
P2414 094 Urban Agent HW Special Features 8/10
P2415 095 Ferrari 512M HW Special Features 9/10
P2416 096 XS-IVE HW Special Features 10/10

HW Designs
P2417 097 Nitro Scorcher HW Designs 1/10
P2418 098 HW40 HW Designs 2/10
P2419 099 Hyper Mite HW Designs 3/10
P2420 100 Deora II HW Designs 4/10
P2421 101 16 Angels HW Designs 5/10
P2422 102 Fast Fortress HW Designs 6/10
P2423 103 Ballistik HW Designs 7/10
P2424 104 Pony Up HW Designs 8/10
P2425 105 Scorchin' Scooter HW Designs 9/10
P2426 106 Overbored 454 HW Designs 10/10

HW City Works
P2427 107 Killer Copter HW City Works 1/10
P2428 108 '07 Chevy Tahoe HW City Works 2/10
P2429 109 Ford Fusion HW City Works 3/10
P2430 110 Armored Truck HW City Works 4/10
P2431 111 Surfin' School Bus HW City Works 5/10
P2432 112 Cockney Cab II HW City Works 6/10
P2433 113 Ice Cream Truck HW City Works 7/10
P2434 114 Hiway Hauler HW City Works 8/10
P2435 115 Morris Wagon HW City Works 9/10
P2436 116 Street Cleaver HW City Works 10/10

Heat Fleet
P2437 117 Chevy Silverado Heat Fleet 1/10
P2438 118 '68 Chevy El Camino Heat Fleet 2/10
P2439 119 Baja Breaker Heat Fleet 3/10
P2440 120 Mad Propz Heat Fleet 4/10
P2441 121 Custom Volkswagen Beetle Heat Fleet 5/10
P2442 122 Camaro Convertible Concept Heat Fleet 6/10
P2443 123 Jeep Scrambler Heat Fleet 7/10
P2444 124 Morris Mini Heat Fleet 8/10
P2445 125 '55 Nomad Heat Fleet 9/10
P2446 126 Midnight Otto Heat Fleet 10/10

Faster Than Ever
P2447 127 2008 Lancer Evolution Faster Than Ever 1/10
P2448 128 Dodge Challenger Concept Faster Than Ever 2/10
P2449 129 Dodge Charger SRT8 Faster Than Ever 3/10
P2450 130 Duel Fueler Faster Than Ever 4/10
P2451 131 Buick Grand National Faster Than Ever 5/10
P2452 132 Straight Pipes Faster Than Ever 6/10
P2453 133 '66 Batmobile Faster Than Ever 7/10
P2454 134 Lotus Concept Faster Than Ever 8/10
P2455 135 '09 Corvette ZR1 Faster Than Ever 9/10
P2456 136 '68 Chevy Nova Faster Than Ever 10/10

Rebel Rides
P2457 137 Airy 8 Rebel Rides 1/10
P2458 138 '32 Ford Vicky Rebel Rides 2/10
P2459 139 Custom '62 Chevy Rebel Rides 3/10
P2460 140 '64 Lincoln Continental Rebel Rides 4/10
P2461 141 Custom Ford Bronco Rebel Rides 5/10
P2462 142 Roll Cage Rebel Rides 6/10
P2463 143 Bad Mudder 2 Rebel Rides 7/10
P2464 144 Mustang Mach I Rebel Rides 8/10
P2465 145 Dixie Challenger Rebel Rides 9/10
P2466 146 Ford F-150 Rebel Rides 10/10

Dream Garage
P2467 147 2006 Dodge Viper Coupe Dream Garage 1/10
P2468 148 '69 Corvette Dream Garage 2/10
P2469 149 '67 Camaro Dream Garage 3/10
P2470 150 Lamborghini Murciélago Dream Garage 4/10
P2471 151 Hummer H2 SUT Dream Garage 5/10
P2472 152 AMG-Mercedes CLK DTM Dream Garage 6/10
P2473 153 Ferrari F430 Spider Dream Garage 7/10
P2474 154 Canyon Carver Dream Garage 8/10
P2475 155 Porsche Carrera GT Dream Garage 9/10
P2476 156 Nissan Skyline Dream Garage 10/10

Modified Rides
P2477 157 Tail Dragger Modified Rides 1/10
P2478 158 Dairy Delivery Modified Rides 2/10
P2479 159 Way 2 Fast Modified Rides 3/10
P2480 160 Sooo Fast Modified Rides 4/10
P2481 161 Asphalt Assault Modified Rides 5/10
P2482 162 Honda Civic Si Modified Rides 6/10
P2483 163 Fiat 500C Modified Rides 7/10
P2484 164 1941 Ford Pickup Modified Rides 8/10
P2485 165 At-A-Tude Modified Rides 9/10
P2486 166 Deuce Roadster Modified Rides 10/10

Mystery Cars
P2487 167 Corvette Grand Sport Mystery Cars 1/24
P2488 168 Ferrari F430 Challenge Mystery Cars 2/24
P2489 169 Shadow Mk IIa Mystery Cars 3/24
P2490 170 Ford Shelby Cobra Concept Mystery Cars 4/24
P2491 171 Fast Fish Mystery Cars 5/24
P2492 172 Shell Shock Mystery Cars 6/24
P2493 173 Ford GTX1 Mystery Cars 7/24
P2494 174 Ferrari 250 Mystery Cars 8/24
P2495 175 Drift King Mystery Cars 9/24
P2496 176 Nitro Doorslammer Mystery Cars 10/24
P2497 177 Chevy Camaro Concept Mystery Cars 11/24
P2498 178 Gangster Grin Mystery Cars 12/24
P2499 179 Mitsubishi Double Shotz Mystery Cars 13/24
P2500 180 '40 Ford Mystery Cars 14/24
P2501 181 Dodge Concept Car Mystery Cars 15/24
P2502 182 Prototype H-24 Mystery Cars 16/24
P2503 183 Rogue Hog Mystery Cars 17/24
P2504 184 Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe Mystery Cars 18/24
P2505 185 Split Vision Mystery Cars 19/24
P2506 186 '08 Ford Focus Mystery Cars 20/24
P2507 187 Ratbomb Mystery Cars 21/24
P2508 188 '07 Shelby GT-500 Mystery Cars 22/24
P2509 189 1964 Ford Galaxie 500XL Mystery Cars 23/24
P2510 190 Quad Rod Mystery Cars 24/24

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HWCM Logo Contest


Please be proud as the person who came out the design the Hot Wheels Collectors Malaysia Logo.

The logo will representing the community, it will be used for the main site, discussion board, events and souvenirs.

If you are chosen, we will send you exclusive prize as our appreciation. So, let's do it now!!

Here is the terms and conditions:
1. Only open to HWCM members from Malaysia.
2. Contest end date, 31/1/2009.
3. Picture size not smaller than 800x600, please supply the raw file (PSD) if you are selected.
4. Logo in Black and White background like example below.
5. The community will own the copyrights on the logo for all usage later.
6. Submission method, please refer to the discussion Thread.

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Hot Wheels Connect Cars


Spotted New in Robison, The Garden today. ConnectCars new series in the line. I was heard about it last year, but did not expect to see it so fast.

Each package contained a car plus a display container. The contain able to join multiple together as showcase. Size of the car similar to standard 1/64 Hot Wheels car, total 25 models in the series.

Each one is sold at retail price RM16.90, purchase from Robison will enjoy extra 10% discount.

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Massive Restocked in TRU 1 Utama


Reported from member, it was 50 cartons restocked in Toy R Us 1 Utama last Saturday (10th Jan). The scalpers have hit the store on the same day.

Demonicle visited the place on the following day still found some left-over. He was told by the Manager that all stocks are on display, nothing kept in the store room.

He spend an hour to have nice models sorted on the top of the display for the convenient, as you can see, there are plenty of yellow NSX and Evo 7 out for grab.

His hard work earned him 2 regular Treasure Hunt Drift King and 2 VW Fastback. Each box contained a Fastback on the current short packing, it is not hard to guess where were those gone to.

The massive restocked will last the store for a while given the quantity and price. If you nearby the place no harm visit while the assortment still wide.

Credits: Demonicle on the report and pictures.

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Youngest Hot Wheels Collector


This enthusiastic collector in his age of 1 has been collected Hot Wheels for months. His collections mostly came from his father which is ME!!.

My son Nick playing with his Hot Wheels in the picture, I guess he still doesn't know how to differentiate Hot Wheels and other diecasts.

These are those he allowed to play, I still keep my Ferraris for myself until he know how to appreciate it.

Mattel said, it is not suitable for age below 3, it is because they will "destroy" your Hot Wheels.

Have Fun!!


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